The pictures displayed on this site were taken free handed and are to be viewed using the cross-eye technique: the left picture is taken for the right eye, and vice versa. To learn how to view the pictures correctly, I suggest visiting the following site: I am planning to support the Stereoscope applet at this site to allow you viewing the pictures in your preferred format.
Since screens using a width of more than 1000 pixels are more or less common nowadays, a picture size of 1000 pixels width was chosen for the stereo images. Derived from pictures a multiple of 1600x1200 pixels wide, they still show enough detail while loading fast.
If you would like to see more 3D stereo images, please visit my stereo gallery: not yet connected (ETA Jan. 2003)

Next to the coniferous forest and Sorgen, the pebble beach spreads.
The movement of the sea produces strange artifacts, which are best neglected...

Rocks everywhere, and a few struggling bushes.

Pebbles and rocks, smaller and larger, are found around the whole island.

View over the stone plain to the deciduous forest.

This path is made by 4-wheel motorcycles, ridden by owners cruising for driftwood.
The wide heathlands, somewhat dryer than regular moors, spread around the island.
View into the coniferous forest.
Again, the water shows strange effects; while, the clouds are worth appreciation!
A view within Jurmo`s cemetery.


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