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To be a sheep on Jurmo island means lots of grass for food.
In recent years the forest has been left untended. Additionally, the banning of free roaming cattle on Jurmo has led to an expansion of the forest into the moor. In 2003, the author will try to save the moor by playing lumberjack. Please note: this is not for his amusement!
Quietly, someone enjoys the island.

In the summer months, horses are left to graze on the island. Island horses enjoy the island climate, but recent pedigree shows an origin in the German Bergstraße area, which is the area the author lives in.

The last mill at the island has survived the frequent strong winds.
Even storms visit the island every now and then...
Very strong winds can blow - but this is only about 12 m/sec (36 ft/sec).

After a strong blow, a light breeze, and finally the sky gives way to some light.

Moss and grass cover the area around this small beach.
Sandy beaches are hard to find here...
Sometimes, some pebbles pop up out of nowhere.
The 4-wheeled motorcycles, hunting driftwood, dig their way through the gravel.
The unusual Madonna with Jesus and Maria Magdalena was a driftwood a log time ago. Now it's placed within the island's church.
An island means water on every side... ;-)
A small quartz band divides this big monolith.
This rock is probably a leftover of one of the glaciers whcih covered the island in ancient times.
Within the kiosk. All the bottles drifted ashore and are empty, sorry!
Part of the habour in late summer - during midsummer boats can hardly find a place.
A small wave from the baltic sea (there are hardly any BIG waves...) hits the beach.
Some wind can really mess up your hair...
At one part of the island waves cross each other.
One lover arranged stones for his sweetheart...
During the midsummer night, the midsummer tree is set up on one of the island's highest points.
Black but small clouds cover the sun.
Nevertheless, the sun makes its way through and the water sparkles brightly.
Everything has an end - and with a final good-bye to the island the Aspö leaves this page as well...



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