The first documents mentioning the island Jurmo date back to the year 1270. Most likely people inhabited the island before, and certainly they did in the 16th century. From which time a legend comes to us and speaks of a Swedish expedition sent to punish the island´s people, who were accused of piracy (a tradition known by a lot of island or shoreline folks these days). For retribution the forest was burned down and only one tree remained, this lone survivor finally succumbed to time and decay in 2002.

I don't know who, why and when stone circles were built on the island, but it happened quite some time ago.
Another stone circle, in the middle of nowhere.
This circle is more of a rectangle.
Most iron crosses are for people from outside the island - the soft and deep soil permitted easier burials here than on the other, more stony, islands.

Here lies Customs Officer Weisman, died at age 43.

The little church on Jurmo.

The church was built in 1846. Pictures and statues are on display around the altar, the materials for some are just driftwood. The Madonna statue at left in this picture is actually such a piece of driftwood and said to be very old (I have to recheck my sources for further information).

The pulpit does not raise high into sky in this rather small and modest church.

The seamen-churches in Finland often have model ships, dedicated to the church by members of the community. Legend has it that the ship in the church on Jurmo was built by a castaway as a gift for being accepted by the community.

A panorama, displaying most of the interior of the church.



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