Panorama prints, a yard wide, can be so impressive and detailed that the viewer loses himself in the vista. Viewed on the small screen, however, the small size reduces the effect quite dramatically. Nevertheless, check out the sometimes letterstamp-high but not so -wide panoramas. Be surprised...

During our stay we housed in the family's small cottage. Containing a living room, kitchen, sleeping room and - of course - the sauna - it seems smaller form the outside than it actually is...

Almost every night one can see beautiful sunsets right from the living room window, but who wants to stay inside?

Instead of using the chemical toilet for a small purpose, one has the whole baltic sea right in front of the door. And with a sky like that, your kidneys will be working overtime in no time...

Another view from the small bathroom.

Once again.

The south-western part of the island contains a small pebbled strand, from wich one can enter the sea quite easily for a swim (warm weather recommended).

Wherever the moraines are not covered up by plant growth, they surface as huge pebble banks right within the island.

The island shows a different face in every direction.

More-than-180° panorama show of the north face of the island.

Once upon a time - or so it was said - two lovers drowned near the small haven "Sorgen" (Swedish for mourning), this is located at the opposite side of the island from the harbour.

Departure time, early in the morning with gray clouds hanging high in the sky, one last view over the village. However, blue stretches visible in the distance will eventually dominate the weather on yet another fabulous day.


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